Wellness Coach

Women in Transition

External changes might happen in a moment, but the inner reorientation takes time. Change creates transitions:  loss and grief; seeking a new life-purpose; health concerns. Paying attention to transitions helps you adjust to the changes and become the Author of your own life. As you shed and surrender former attachments and identities, you discover new energy emerging.

Together, we make a plan of accountability:

  • Create practices that promote mind-body-spirit health:┬ámeditation, journaling, walking in nature, healthy eating.
  • Discern a call to “something more” in the 2nd half of life beyond the roles and accomplishments of the 1st half of life.
  • Explore journaling dreams to understand the symbolic language of the unconscious mind.

When people feel supported and encouraged they are willing to take on even the most difficult tasks.

Coaching Sessions

Sessions are scheduled on the phone or in person for Nashville residents. An hour coaching session payment includes follow-up emails and dream work.

Please call 615.942.6776 or complete the Contact form to schedule an appointment.