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Five sunflowers stood inside a crystal vase catching prisms of light from the sunny window and nodded their yellow hats until their beauty faded. On a whim, I opened my patio door and tossed the flower bundle into the creek that was running higher and faster than normal due to a severe overnight storm. Usually, […]


Jeanne Achterberg‘s 2002 personal memoir details her illness with cancer of the eye [ocular melanoma]. As a renowned PhD researcher and visionary, Jeanne focused her entire career on the use of inner vision for healing the spiritual dimensions of people with cancer. With a relentless schedule of teaching, writing, and editing an alternative medicine journal […]

Creative Expression

Admiring the creative expression of artists at the Frist Museum and Lipscomb University’s art gallery last week, I returned home curious about the artist of a watercolor hanging on my own wall for the past twenty-five years. I googled the artist Naomi Brotherton and wrote an email attaching a picture of her painting wondering about […]

A Healing Moment

When troubling old patterns begin to break out of my unconscious waters and bubble to the surface of my self-awareness, I know that a healing moment is approaching. A walk around Radnor Lake will give me a chance to pay attention and listen. After walking at a slower pace than usual through the woods, I […]

Breathe in…Breathe out

Once I volunteered to teach classes for the Girl Scouts so they could earn a Stress Less badge. Even the Brownies learned a technique called “Elevator Breathing” to take long slow breaths. One simple practice I use to stress less is to attend to my breath. Breathe in…Breathe out…I remember the moment in my mid-40s […]


Walking in my neighborhood on a cloud-covered chilly March afternoon, I approached a curve beside an embankment and noticed a car coming towards me. Instead of stopping and letting the car pass, I took a side step off the uneven pavement and twisted my ankle. The pain was immediate and intense. Thankfully, the woman in […]

Opening your Hands

As I visited my friend in her serene room at the elder residence, loud noises erupted from the hallway outside her door. Some of the women who serve the elders as partners were having a moment of 3:00 p.m. Friday fun. My friend seemed rattled by the commotion and fearful that her antique china cups […]

Finding my Voice

Dear Gentle Reader, Thank you for reading Blog #50! Today’s post is dedicated to the spirit of a wise woman, Gay Mallon. Her healing presence and skillful guidance of breath work and body movement as a bioenergetics therapist helped me to find and express my voice. Hello Beautiful! Those words greeted me every Wednesday for […]


The woman who sold over five million copies of her book Simple Abundance recently returned to Oprah’s confessional chair for a conversation. At age 61 Sarah Ban Breathnach lost it all. With only a suitcase and a heart full of shame, she showed up at her sister’s door. What happened? One mistake was hiding behind […]


This is the season of commencement speeches and graduation ceremonies. What if we celebrated our graduation to the second half of life?Arrival at the second half of life does not happen at a certain chronological age, yet it is the ultimate initiation even without a ceremony and is mostly ignored in our culture. Some young […]