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A Time of Transition

Tree June 21st

Trees go through transitions as each season brings change. Spring’s tiny buds turn into lush shades of green leaves in summer reminding us of the fullness of Life itself. As autumn draws near and leaves turn to crimson and burnt orange, the leaves stop clinging to the branch where they perched for a season. Winter’s dying arrives when blustery winds sweep the tree leaving her branches bare as a reminder that everything dies in its own time. The medieval monk, Brother Lawrence, sees the aging process like “trees in winter, with little to give, stripped of leaves and color and growth whom God loves unconditionally.”

In February, I entered a transition time when I began to search for a new home. As I examined my attachment to my belongings deciding what to give to the thrift store or recycle or trash, I felt emotionally and physically exhausted along with a heavy dose of self-doubt of the magnitude of the decision. I read a quote from David Hawkins that spoke to me: “Self acceptance results from surrendering self doubt”.  Someone said it like this…Be the leaf fall gracefully when your time comes to let go.

On a chilly April afternoon, I took a walk away from the disorder of sorting and packing. I remember standing on the bridge over Sugar Tree Creek with an idea: I want to “will” my mood to “happy”. As soon as that thought formed, I knew intuitively that surrender was the way to transform my discouragement and let go of the illusion that I can control my moods. The way down is the way up. Surrender happens moment by moment and shedding the weight of the past identities gave me a sense of lightness. Descending and rising again and again to the Light.

During the final days of packing, I continued to practice surrendering self-doubt by accepting and embracing the changes. And…remembering that “I am Light”. In May I moved into a 1,000 sq ft one level condo only three miles away from my former condo where I hope to witness many more cycles of the seasons.

As May Sarton says ~ Old Woman, I meet you deep inside myself.

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  • 1 connie sparks yazmış:

    Beautiful Martha, so hard to let go. Each day I walk and try to get on a new path and new frame of mind.

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