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A Special Tree

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On a recent magical mystical trip to Sedona with fabulous friends Misty and Cynthia, Misty and I shared stories about when we met and became close friends 18 years ago. One of Misty’s memories: I would stop talking in mid-sentence; do a swirl gesture with my hand; then say… “and that’s a story I don’t need to tell”.

The wise teacher and writer, Angeles Arrien, inspired me to stop giving voice to my wound-story. Her book, The Fourfold Way, made a deep imprint on my life when she described how to develop the inner healer.

Identify your wound – the story you always share about yourself that is tied to some traumatic event. Offer this wound to a special tree, and never speak of this wound again.

Years ago on an overcast windy day in Dallas where I lived, I walked a familiar winding path that circles White Rock Lake. The ragged bark of a giant oak tree caught my attention. The gnarly limbs reached for the sky while giant roots spilled onto the sidewalk. I offered my wound to that special Tree as a commitment to begin healing the innerspace where my wounded-self lived.

Taking that one symbolic action mattered.  When I show up and pay attention to my own sacred Story, healing is possible. With gratitude I remember that special Tree holding my wounds in its holy knot.


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