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Making a collage for the new year is one way that I visualize my intentions for the next year. This year my intentions extend throughout the second half of life. Born under the sign of the fish, I will turn 70 this year. I think sacred intentions are not like wishes or “head goals”, but evolve throughout life.

My Second-Half-of-Life Intentions ~

  • Be love more than seeking love.
  • Fully embrace opposite poles as the pendulum swings from times of joy to times of mourning.
  • Take simple pleasure in sacramental gestures that consecrate the ordinary and make it holy. Lighting a candle, listening to a friend, and sitting in the stillness of silence.
  • Remember ~ I am a daughter of the Divine Feminine.
  • Accept that I am standing at the Gold Gate learning its lessons of nonattachment to identities, surrender of perfectionism, and acceptance of what is.
  • Grow into the idea that “my being attracts my life”.

When Sue Monk Kidd was turning 60, she visited the ancient site of Delphi with her daughter. As she posed a question to the Oracle, Old Woman visited her. She decided to no longer be driven by ‘what else’, but a finder of ‘what is’.

Old Woman ~ Show me, teach me to become a woman who is wise, resilient, and speaks her voice.

I tell myself I am experiencing the death of myself as mother, the death of myself as a younger woman. The Young Woman inside has turned to go, but the Old Woman has not shown up.
Sue Monk Kidd, Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story

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