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The novel All the Light We Cannot See tells the story of a motherless blind French girl and a German orphan boy during the occupation of France in WWII. A phrase repeated throughout the book sparked deeper reflection.

Open your eyes to see what you can with them before they close forever.

If I say that I will wait until tomorrow to open my eyes and see a different perspective, it is always “tomorrow”, and I do not change. I miss this moment, this day, to offer warm empathy rather than stone-cold judgments.

What if each day is a small replica of my Life? How can I see ordinary routines in a new way? Maybe changing my being starts with changing my reaction to an ordinary day and ordinary tasks like chopping vegetables for soup or filling the bird feeder. Little things matter. It might be the same routine, yet I can re-animate the tasks by seeing in a new way.

One ordinary event that fills me with wonder and awe is searching the western sky after sunset to view the first crescent of the New Moon. That small sliver of light on the backdrop of a clear indigo sky opens my eyes to an unknowable miracle that I am alive.

For in You is the very source of life; and in Your Light, I see only light. Psalm 36:9

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