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Pressing On

Pressing On ~ Collage by Martha O’Brien

Long after the music stopped, a song refrain kept playing in my innerspace.

I am pressing on to the higher calling of my Lord.

I first heard Alicia Keys singing the gospel song Pressing On in the documentary Muscle Shoals about a famous 1950s Alabama recording studio. On the banks of the Tennessee River a country-soul-rock sound emerged. Bono says in the film, “It’s like the songs come out of the mud.”

Even on a frosty dawn-breaking Sunday morning walk in my neighborhood, the song refrain made endless loops inside my head. As I walked, I saw a woman in a blue knit cap walking her black lab and gave her a silent wave. When I encountered her again on another street, she asked, “Are you almost done?” She probably noticed that I was huffing up the steep hill as she was coasting down on the other side.

Winded from the climb, I nodded my head Yes! All the way home the song became a breath prayer ~ I am pressing on.

Can’t you see I’m pressing on… pressing on…
Shake the dust off of your feet, don’t look back.

My intention for this now moment is to stop looking back with rear-view-mirror gazing. I desire to live with a deeper trust that the Source of all Being is calling me to press on.

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