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Spring ~ Collage by Martha O’Brien

Often someone asks ~ What are you doing? During this past winter, I wanted to say ~ I am weary of doing. I am Be-ing. So, for a season, I set an intention to spend less time focused on accomplishing something as a measure of my worthiness.

What would happen if I slowed my pace to turtle speed and aligned with the natural rhythms of winter?

On a cold stormy day during an acupuncture treatment with Zion, he taught me that the seasons have a universal pulse that is attuned to the pulse of our bodies. He said that my winter pulse was stable and slow as it should be. Our bodies express the principles of winter: rest, reflection, storage. God has created us in harmony with the energy of the seasons.

As daylight diminished and darkness descended deeper into winter’s cycle, I wanted to be snuggled in my cozy condo. Make fewer commitments. Purge another layer of perfectionism. Replenish my soul. Linger longer in centering prayer times. Let go of how others might judge me. Give stuff away.

I remained active yet considered my energy level before making a plan. Even my jabbering inner voices took some time off. One quiet cloudy January day I wrote in my journal ~ It’s like I am in a place of deep rest at a level unknown to me. I watch my day like an Observer and allow empty spaces.

After a long winter’s rest, a hopeful thought arrived along with the emergence of spring’s blooms: I am worthy of love and belonging without striving or pushing or accomplishing.

Your yearning takes you to a place of a deeper code and you say ~“I am ready for the rest of my life to rise”. Jean Houston

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  • 1 Chris Bradley yazmış:

    I missed your posts this winter and I wondered how you were. And it turns out, you were doing GREAT. How wise you are, dear friend, and how generous you are to share your wisdom.

  • 2 admin yazmış:

    Chris… And I look forward to another post from you my dear friend. You helped me in Kerrville to begin this writing journey and I am immensely grateful to you.

  • 3 Joe Keenan yazmış:

    Martha,Your thoughts are beautifully worded, and convey just the advice I need at this place in my journey. Thank you for your reminder that we are Mother Earth’s children.

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