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Aliveness ~ Collage by Martha O'Brien

Walking in my neighborhood on a cloud-covered chilly March afternoon, I approached a curve beside an embankment and noticed a car coming towards me. Instead of stopping and letting the car pass, I took a side step off the uneven pavement and twisted my ankle. The pain was immediate and intense. Thankfully, the woman in the car offered to drive me home.

How quickly things can change. As my left foot turned to shades of bruised blue and purple, limitations to my cherished independence surfaced. I hobbled around my condo having to scoot up the stairs on my bottom and hop down the stairs on my right foot.

The rhythm of my normal walking routine contributed to good sleep, digestion, and moods. My minor injury disrupted that rhythm. I had taken for granted the ease of putting on my shoes and the simple pleasure of walking out the door.

Soon, I realized that the faster I could accept a slower routine and the limitations imposed on me, the easier the transition would be. Eckhart Tolle says: “Face how it is and say ~ I can either accept it or make myself miserable”.

My ankle healed and my walking routine resumed. For me, walking is the best medicine: Fresh air on my face. Bubbles of perspiration on my brow. Movement of my legs in a rhythmic pace brushing away the tangles in my mind. In ordinary moments, I am flooded with the joy of my aliveness even to the point of tears brimming my eyelids. Life is uncertain, things happen…I want to savor tiny moments of joy and relish my aliveness.

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  • 1 carol yazmış:

    So glad you are up and walking again, Martha. Yes, we learn to live each moment with divine relish when we are shown our vulnerability as little ole human beings.
    I am recovering and ascending after 2 years of health reminders of my vulnerability. I find I am living in a far fuller, and wonderful way, with JOY!
    Where there is Life, there is Hope to get up and walk.

  • 2 Thelma Kidd yazmış:

    More beautiful words and art from Martha!

  • 3 lynne odom yazmış:

    Still waiting for the book version of these blogs! :) I should post this in my office for patients to see…with your permission, of course!

  • 4 nancy+ fairchild yazmış:

    I am so glad you are recovered and enjoying your walking exercise. I enjoy water aerobics at the Y, another thing
    I have done for maybe 10 years is “Classical Stretch” on PBS, 5 a.m. It gets the fluids moving in my joints @ muscles.
    But more than anything in this world is the joy of the Spirit of God, living, moving and having His way within me.

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