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Walking the Labyrinth

Chartres Cathedral 12th century labyrinth

On a prelude-to-summer kind of hazy and lazy Sunday afternoon, I went to the beautiful campus of Scarritt-Bennett Center for a walking meditation at the Labyrinth. Resting on a bench beneath the shade of a tree in the circular garden, I gazed at the grassy clover labyrinth outlined with red bricks. All the weekend events had concluded and the air held an aura of stillness.

With the faint fragrance of a magnolia tree, I admired the beauty of apricot daylilies and a magnificent oak tree stretching her arms to a puffy cloud sky. A Peace Pole stood tall nestled in a corner with the words ~ May peace prevail on earth.

Before beginning to walk the labyrinth, I offered a prayer to step away from the excessive thoughts in my head that sometimes turn into obsessing. I remembered my last acupuncture session when Zion reminded me to live in my heart and let go of the concerns in my head.

Walking a labyrinth does not engage the thinking mind as the body slowly meanders on the path that leads from the edge to the Center and back out again. Taking slow purposeful steps on the grass grounded me to earth’s energy for the thirty minutes of walking the sacred symmetrical pattern.

Saint Augustine said ~ Solvitur ambulando…It is solved by walking…

To surrender to the winding path and trust the process to the Center and back again is a metaphor for the spiritual journey.  We are bidden to walk our spiritual path and feel the flush of spiritual awakening in the Center, then our trials, heartaches, and losses take us out on the edges of our lives weaving back and forth finding the Center again and again.

The labyrinth gives the everyday person a tool for a spiritual experience and helps us remember the ancient path where others have trod as we experience the rhythm of our souls. Lauren Artress ~ Walking a Sacred Path

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  • 1 carol yazmış:

    The quiet of the mind chatter allows space to reconnect to the Inner Truth of Self, thank you, Martha. I often need to be reminded that my self chatter is talking over my SELF truth.
    Bless, you Martha

  • 2 Diane Hughes yazmış:

    I used to walk the labyrinth at Scarritt-Bennett’s Taize service. Miss that. Very calming and contemplative exercise. Helps to get you centered.

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