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Home ~ Collage by Martha O'Brien

One day in May, I woke up with a dream image.

I open a door and am flooded with light.
 The day after that dream, I took a flight to Nashville to rent a condo as I was moving there on Memorial Day 2007. I was leaving Texas a few months after my spouse’s death and returning to my hometown of Nashville.

Every day I searched Craigslist for listings. On the third morning, a new listing close to my Aunt Martha’s apartment popped up. The owner met me at the condo within 30 minutes of my telephone call. At 9:30 a.m. I walked inside the door and the room was flooded with bright sunlight from the patio doors!

When I opened the Door on my new life, light poured into my authentic Self where the real Martha wanted to make a home.

How do I prepare to live an urban life again after seven years living on land with live-oak tree vistas viewed from the long porch and walking along a rock-terraced creek created by God the Architect?

After I moved, the wise grief counselor who had guided me through my fires of sorrow celebrated my new beginning in a letter ~ You are coming full circle…geographically, spiritually, and emotionally…as you are re-homed in your “growing up” place. You are growing and expanding because your energy forces you to do that…to see meaning and feel each experience.

I once lived as a good girl who felt like
a lost duckling.

I once lived neglecting my own needs
to please others instead.

I once lived unaware that I was enough.

I have moved.

Now I live in the home inside of me
where all the design is mine.

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